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Happy Madness Day 2021, guys

Aw, i like how u had the work to make a demake of Pico vs Uberkids. This 8-bit demake was sensationally COOL. The grafics btw aren't so good as the original, but is 8-bit, so they're pretty beautiful. So, in my opinion, a good game. Its undeniable that the original is always better, but cool game. Congrats man

Man, the game just dont load. I tried reload the page so many times and nothing the game don't starts. Im angry that, apparently, i'm the unique that is having this problem

Man, this game marked my childhood. It was the first contact that i had with Sonic in my life. I remember play this in my CD with 500 flash games. Play this today is a complete experience of nostalgia. Man, thank you to remember when is was younger. I love this game and your job, BUT have some fails in the game.

1: have a problem that, when you hit, you don't have the short invencible time and sometimes this killed me in this game

2: the Tails' fly time is sooooooo short. The Cream's fly time is longer, but short too

3: when you pass a level with another character that isn't Sonic, who appears in the final sign isn't the character that you're playing, and yes Sonic. ALWAYS WILL BE SONIC, SO DON'T MAKE SENSE!!!

But, without that problems, i would say that the game is perfect. Thank you to remember my life's glourious time :)

Man, every music is best in 8-bits...except Ugh because don't have the "ugh"

That's just my opinion

Well...if you play this for some hours, it's possible you have some fun...that's not perfect but it's funny. And have online games. THAT'S A AWESOME IDEA!!! You don't have to play with bots. Eeeh..,meh. That's not so bad, but ins't so good. Yeah, i give 4 stars to this game. Good game, not so good, but good. Congrats to the creator.

Man, this is basically a fusion of Sonic the Hedgehog with Ristar...I LOVE IT!!!!

Very good game, the difficulty is very hard, but funny and the graphics are so NICE!!!!!!!! Seriously, they remember me the 16 Bits era. The gameplay is not so good, but it's "playable". Sometimes, the buttons take 1 or 4 seconds to work. But, that's it. AWESOME GAME!!!! Not more awesome than Friday Night Funkin (the haters of FNF have a fat mother lol), but awesome. Just that. Nothing more...

Cool game and nice graphics, but the difficulty is evoluted, but SO MUCH evoluted. For me it's very hard, but i don't know if it's easy for someone. Sooooo...that's it. The single problem is the difficulty (at least for me), but the game is fucking AWESOME!!!

Very good and very bizarre...AND THAT'S WHAT TURNS THIS GAME GOOD!!!! The graphics aren't so good, but ok. The gameplay is good, not bad, and the challenges are hard, but awesome. This game ins't perfect, but is good, so i give 4 stars for it. Congrats, man

i'm a butt-ass, but sometimes i like to post arts on Newgrounds. I have Amino, Steam, Discord (but i prefer don't reveal my voice) and Twitter that i don't use for nothing and Facebook that i just use to participate of sweeptakes in Instagram. So, i sucks

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